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Welcome to Gateway Of Pangkor Island. Originality of this beautiful island has become a tradition that is still maintained and preserved. Till today, the pristine beaches, and greenery of natural forest, making it a pleasure to the tourists who come here every day. Various options of holiday as your desired, available in this wonderful island. For the guest, Pangkor provides a range of accommodation from camping site, simple moderate chalet, apartments, homestay, and the star class resort and  also provide a variety of holiday options for you to choose.  Plan your vacation with us from here...   Pangkor Holiday Package


Pangkor Island Vacation Pangkor Island , with its charming mix of fishing settlements and resorts, is a fascinating and convenient holiday destination. It presents the visitor with a rare chance to live near fishermen and observe their lifestyle and also to simply enjoy the fine beaches and resort amenities. The fishermen live in scattered settlements on the eastern side, facing the town of Lumut and Teluk Batik. Visitors get a chance to see some of them on the 40-minute ferry ride from Lumut as the ferry stops at the main settlements of Sungai Pinang Kecil and Sungai Pinang Besar before landing at Pangkor Town. Pangkor's two popular beach areas of Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah offer sun and sea enthusiasts activities like scuba-diving, snorkelling, wind-surfing and fishing. While Pasir Bogak is quite developed, Teluk Nipah still retains its kampung or village atmosphere. Teluk Ketapang or Turtle Bay still receives turtles on their egg-laying pilgrimages. Some of the resorts on the island also have excellent golf courses on their property.

Pangkor in the old days was known as Dinding, which means 'screen' or 'partition'. This was in reference to the position of the island as it protects the mainland's estuary. In the 60's and 70's , the name 'Pangkor' was synonymous with salted fish, ikan bilis produce, dried shrimps, shrimp paste etc. Kids grew up on 'Satay Fish' , a stinky but delicious snack made of barbequed and caramalised fish wafers. Those were the days when the packaging was secondary to the content and hygiene was not of utmost priority. Today, walking around Pangkor Island's main village and and you will find shop after shop stuffed with all sorts of produce from the sea, supplied mostly by local cottage industries in the area. In vacuum sealed bags, sanitised bottles, garrish packaging - but once open , the aroma brings back memories of kids running around with their stash of junk food. The packaging has changed somewhat but the Satay Fish is just as delicious.

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